Monday, October 20, 2014

Paws In Pews

Last night was Paws In Pews at church so we got to go.  Mom said since it was almost Halloween that we should wear our Halloween ties.  I think we looked pretty cool even though I hate wearing clothes.  

We just finished getting haircuts before this picture was taken.  Mom said I needed a bath because I was getting ripe.  She said it like it was a bad thing but I know for sure it is a good thing cuz she always tells dad she wants a ripe banana.  So I don't know what her problem was.  

After we got a bath mom said she could still smell some skunk on me.  I thought that was rude.  Anyway, that was why me and Stanley got unscheduled haircuts.  That is the bad part about having haircuts at home.  You never know when they're coming!

Stanley likes singing the best.  He's real good.

Murphy & Stanley


  1. You both look very handsome! I have no idea how/when we are ever going to make it up there, but we'd still love to go to church and sing along with the band (well, Abby would - she LOVES to sing!). Who knows, maybe one of these years! But it looks like you guys had a grand time!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. Cool, you guys got all dressed up and went to church! What a great idea
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. You both look very handsome and I am sure were very well behaved!

  4. Crikey ..... you got to go to Church?????? Our church would NEVER let me in. Not even if I had 10 baths and wore my very best collar. Can I come to your church??? You two sure looked handsome all spit and polished like!!!

  5. Doods you look well dapper with your bowties. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. your howl-o-ween ties look great! and I totally love that you can go to the BESTEST church ever! btw: was there really a crumb on the floor? a tasty one?

  7. Gosh I have never been to church, but I must say that those photos of you (especially the last one) do nothing to dispel Gail's description of church services as, well, just a tad boring...
    Though of course it was nice to see they are so welcoming to pups.
    Toodle pip!

  8. We loves those ties, you both have, mom has mentioned your dogs in church to others here ...and they look at her like she is crazy...I toles mom we need to move to where you live!!!
    stella rose

  9. Wow, what a neat event! I'm glad you two got to go, even if you had to have a bath for it!

  10. Oh boy you got all dressed up for church
    Lily & Edward

  11. You look pretty spiffy in your ties! I'm afraid we would sing a bit too loudly in a place like that. You guys did very well!

  12. You doods look SUPERB... those ties are GRRREAT with your nicely Trimmed and OVERLY WASHED furs... We LOVE it when you get to go to Paws in Pews...
    NOW speaking of the PEWS.... if PEWS are ok in church... WHY did you NEED those Baffs??? Just askin.

  13. Murphy I always thought ripe was good too. Humans are so confusing so many words mean so many things. I MUST SAY YOU AND STANLEY LOOK QUICK CHIC IN YOUR NECKTIES...

  14. Whoah....we must talk with Mama about letting us come to church....Jakey could maybe sing with Daddy in the choir!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    PeeEss...Sorry about all the bath and furcut stuff!

  15. You both look spiffy in your ties. Hope you had a good church nap!

  16. You both look very handsome in your halloween ties! Too bad going to church involved extra baths and stuffs
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  17. Hari OM
    But you brush up real cool the pair of you!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  18. Always good to wear your best fluffs at church guys. You wear your very well.
    Luvs Cat Flap Cavalier X

  19. What a good job and so respectful! You look very nice :-)

  20. You are so right about that home grooming. You think you're getting a nice treat and the next thing you're on the table....sheesh!

  21. OMD!!!! You Doods look SOOOOOO handsome!! I loves your Halloweenie ties! I bets you were the bestest lookin' doggies in the whole church! Wells, next to Goose, he is most handsome too! I thinks it would be a two way tie for second place...cause Murphy is number ONE!! bol!!
    *wink, wink*
    Ruby ♥♥
    Cherry Bomb!!!
    pees: Murphy, I would sit next to you know matter what you smelled like! ☺

  22. Oh we Beaglebratz wood love tue go tue church altho mom sed with all the little kiddoz there, not shure how the sermon wood go. Shiloh got tue go once cuz he helped mom tell the little kiddoz their story-time then he prayed with'em tue BUTT that wuz a few yearz ago an'there were only 2 kiddoz an'mom sed they were better b-haved then the kiddoz there now. ANYWHOOOOO - u 2 look furry much dapper in your new haircutz an'Halloween tiez.
    Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta

    (blogger iz bein'a butt-head - we had this dun once ALREADY then hit publish - it wuz takin'time tue publish so we hurried an'copied it - now all we hadta due iz paste and try publish AGIN!)

  23. So you get called ripe when you need a bath. Lee tells me "I got my stink on" when it is time for my bath. Why it is just our perfume what's wrong with humans.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  24. F&E's comment about pews cracked us up!!! You doods sure look handsome in your ties!

  25. You Doods look very dapper in your ties. Looks like you had a fun time in church.

  26. I see your both all prettied up to go to church,,,,
    But whats this????? I see you sleeping!!!!!
    Guess you already said your prayers!

  27. You two Doods look awesome. I love the ties! So sorry about the baths but at least they're over.

  28. You boys look great after your spontaneous cuts! And those ties are pawfect!

  29. I know what ya mean - I get groomed at home and it can happen anytime.

  30. You guys must go to the bestest church ever that they allow paws in pews! That must make God very happy! ♥


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