Monday, April 15, 2013

Attack Doods

When me and Stanley were little puppies, our grand peeps were SCARED of us.  The boy peep was just kind of nervous but the little girl peep was TERRIFIED.  She thought we were gonna ATTACK her!
Now she LOVES it when I follow her all around the house.
But she loves it more when we both follow her all around.
She LOVES us now!
She loves petting us now.
And I try to give her what she wants - hee! hee!
Our boy grand peep loves us too.  He likes it when we dogpile on him!
And a dogpile is best with at least 2 dogs!
Now the girl grandpeep WANTS to be ATTACKED!
So a Dood's gotta do what a Dood's gotta do . . .
One of us licks her ears and the other her face . . . 
Her giggles only fuel us on!
Finally she begs for mercy!
Then she reads us a story.  She is only 5 but is an EXCELLENT reader!
And our boy gives me one last snuggle before they leave.



Molly The Wally said...

OMD what pawsome fun you have with the grandpeeps. Little ones are so cool when they play with you. Yep doods have gotta do what doods have got to do. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Katie said...

What lucky kids to get to play with you! They must adore you - our kids do and they only get to see your pictures :-)

Piggy kisses,
Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

GOOSE said...

Oh Doods you are excellent with the little peeps. I like it when the little one giggle. Makes me want to lick and lick their faces.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

DOOOOOOOODS.... you have your own Mini Peeps??? THAT is so cool. One of each flavor too. We are thrilled that they both now LOVE to play with you. Wish we could be there to help you make a giant DogPile on them. THAT would be a riot.

Mollie said...

Oh Doods what fun having Grand Peeps to play with, they sure do love'z you and we'z can see how much you love them :) xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

stellaroselong said...

WE have 8 grandmonsters that come to our house, and sometimes they are ALL there at the same time. They love us all also, and run and play with us. We are very lucky and so are they. Your peeps are cuties!
stella rose

harrispen said...

You boys are so lucky to have some little people to play with. We don't have any of those around here so I can only hope to play with one when we are out on a walk.


Anonymous said...

When Momma was little she was TERRIFIED of her grandpa's dog. Just plain ol scared too. Isn't that funny? Looks like you've got some good playmates there!

Idaho PugRanch said...

I like to play with the grandpeeps too! How can you resist when they get on the floor like that!!
Greta, Bailey & Hazel too

Kat said...

Aww. You two look like you're having a blast with your grand peeps!

Inger said...

Those are the most adorable pictures. I love the ones where you and Stanley lick her until she begs for mercy. It makes me want to hug you both, but I will hug Samson instead, He's a great licker and ears are his specialty. He's a bit mad that he can't blog now, due to the A to Z, but he still talks to me and licks me too.

Madi and Mom said...

Murphy and Stanley you have very beautiful grandpeeps. OMDs what a ton of fun they are too.
I'm so glad to learn you have some little ones in your life. I hear they are very good a dropping snacks.

Did you have some green eggs and ham after she read to you?
hugs madi your BFFF

Two French Bulldogs said...

She obviously loves you now that she is bigger than you. Careful that cutie doesn't bite you. BOL
Benny & Lily

Anonymous said...

Well glad they got over being scared, hwo could one not love a Dood!

The Mad Scots

The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears said...

Fits of giggles always fuel the dogpile fire.

A Day In The Life Of A Goose said...

Aw, what wonderful Grandpuppies to have!! :-D She looks super fun to hang out with!!! Enjoy "attacking" them both guys! Hehehe!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Your peeps have to adore you both! Hunter used to be scared of all our grands but now he loves them, as long as they don't chase him and get too "in his space". He even sleeps with one of the older boys when he stays at their house.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Phody loves kids too! Lee not so much. Lady says it is nice to see dogs being so good to grandkids. Have a great day. Lee and Phod

Sarge said...

Wow, that's so very funny! Who could be afraid of you two cutie guys?!? Love the "dog pile on the kiddies" action. The more giggles the better.
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

scotsmad said...

You certainly did a fantastic job training those little peeps! Now they can just have fun with you doods.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Mason Kern said...

How cutes!!


Dougall-the-Scottie said...

My peep cousin Dylan is scared of me... Maybe 'cos I might try to steal his pants... while he's wearing them... :S

Mr. Pip said...

It doesn't get much cuter than dogs and kids!

chicamom85 said...

I don't know very many little peeps, but it does look like fun.

Loveys Sasha

Jazzi said...

Grand Peeps, gotta love em!! They are fun and Me and Addi have lots of experience with em. I am glad that they like you now, I mean
Whats not to like???

Jazzi and Addi

The Cat From Hell said...

Grand Peeps is the bestest! (For Doggies) Me HIDES!

Anonymous said...

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