Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Saturday Walkie

Our pawrents took me and Stanley on another long walk today.  It was 5.3 miles.  I was afraid mom would make me wear the coat she bought since it was cold (in the 30's) but she did not.  Whew, I was nervous about that!
This is the start of this section of trail.  It snowed last night.
If you are looking for the trail, look for this sign.
Our friend Shasta went with us.  She is VERY nice!
"OK everybody, let's go!"
Shasta and her mom.
The trail was pretty from the snow.  In a couple places the breeze blew the snow from the trees and it looked  like a winter wonderland.
Even though it was cold outside, the humans thought it was a great day for a walk.
The trail was clear, the bridges were snow covered though.
I like the leaves!
This is where we turned around.  The trail goes about another mile but it is being repaired because some floods washed it out.
One other thing I wanted to mention . . . mom said I did an extra good job on leash and  only pulled a couple times.  I kept looking at her to see what she was doing.  Mom was impressed by this.

I was afraid that since it suddenly got cold that our pawrents might not be taking us for our long walks.  But they said not to worry, we will do it all winter long.  When we heard that me and Stanley jumped up and gave each other "High Fives" and barked "Hurray!"



  1. Oh I wish I could have come. I told my MOM, "Next time we are GOING! and that's that." Don't ya just love Shasta. She is so sweet. Glad you boys made it out. And hey no coat huh. You must of given your mom those "please" mom not coat eyes.

  2. Brrrrrr it looks COLD... We are glad that you had such a grrrreat time on the snowy walk. Good that you found out that you will be walking ALL WINTER.

  3. Snow IS beautiful. As long as it doesn't interfere with your Mom and Dad's running. Then it's real crappy.

  4. Shasta is so full of adorableness, you 3 are an army of cuteness walking together

  5. Winter walking is the best! You sure get some good walkies in! It looks just beautiful there.

  6. What a beautiful walk. The snow is so pretty
    Benny & Lily

  7. Uh, I'm sorry...did you just say it was in the 30's?? I didn't know that the weather got that cold! How did you not freeze to death, especially without jackets, coats, sweaters, boots, and hats on???? Whoa! You two (and three with your friend) are incredible! :-D Domeek says that it looked like a wonderful and beautiful walk, but I'm still stuck on the weather!! Gasp!!

  8. Awesome Pawsome with all that lovely snow. Yep we are out in all weathers too except when it is raining. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Beautiful walk, Murphy! I love snow!
    Good job on walking with the leash.
    Your winter coat should be coming in real good if it got cold enough to snow! :)
    High Fives to you and Stanley

  10. Woohoo Murphy!! What a lovely walk it was too!
    It is especially nice because the walk ways are clear but you can still see the snow!!! I bet you found lots of smell mail too
    Hugs madi

  11. You guy'z have terrific Pawerent'z..What a fabulouz walk you had :)
    Have a great weekend xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Howdy Mates, looks like you will have fun all winter too. Love your cold weather walk photos. We always like to see the snow. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  13. high five guys!!!!!!! slightly miffed you werent forced to wear your coat tho i was looking forward to seeing how cute you looked in it :D but hey it will get you soon enough, he he he and i will be waiting :)

    big licks

    Charlene and Stormy

  14. You guys have great pawrents!! The picture of the snow on your walk are just beautiful!


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