Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Crisis

We had a crisis on Saturday.  As most of you know, we have a doggie door.

At night dad closes off the door so no monsters can come in the house.  Then in the morning, since he is always the first one up, he opens the door.  Saturday morning we got out of bed, went downstairs to the door and it was still shut!  We tried to tell our pawrents butt they did NOT understand!  Instead they left the house! 

When they came home around lunchtime, we tried to tell them again.  BUTT they still did not understand!  Then they left the house again!  Me and my brother were suffering so bad!  BUTT we are good boys and do NOT go to the bathroom in the house!  NO, WE DO NOT!!  

BUTT now, we had NO choice. So we looked for the place in the house where our pawrent's scent was very slight.  We did not want to offend the house more that we were FORCED to.

So we went into the guest suite . . . on the big bed with the really nice foam mattress . . . and then . . . all hell broke loose - poops and pee!

When mom and dad finally came home at 4:00pm. dad finally saw that he forgot to open our doggie door!  OMD!  We were feeling so ashamed!  Then we got mad cuz it was NOT our fault!  At furst we thought of revenge . . .

BUTT I, Murphy, do NOT hold a grudge.

 BUTT Stanley was upset for a long time.  He had so much pride in the fact we never did such a vile thing!  The bed was soaked and there was a giant poop pile!

Finally, after dad said he was sorry 87 times and mom gave us treats, we decided to forgive them. BUTT we told dad it better never happen again!

Murphy & Stanley

Mom's Note:  When we originally bought the bed (and paid a small fortune for the mattress) the salesman talked us into buying a $150 mattress cover that was guaranteed to protect against all these sorts of things. And guess what??  It worked!  So after several loads of wash for soaked bedding it's as good as new.  My poor boys! 


  1. Yeah???????? Well I'm still not coming to stay over at your house.

  2. BOL - guess Mom and Dad won't make that mistake again:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Oh no! Thank goodness for the mattress cover. Hope they have recovered from their trauma.

  4. Boys, all hoomans can be forgetful peeps, but we still love em!

  5. Hari OM
    Oh doodz, you gave me severe flashback trauma; the J's had a similar problem with me once. My excuse was I did back-to-back shifts and was a walking zombie. I got the cold tail for about 87 hours... sigh... the thing about both of them though? They used the bathtub. I kid you not! Anyway, you may need to start leaving notes around the place to remind the dood-dad, as it seems he's been struck with the menosoupal!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Aww, poor guys! It sounds like you picked a good place to go though.

  7. Well, that kind of thing happens to the best of us. I had a big belly ache the other morning, and ghostwriter and Dad slept late. Sorry, but I couldn't hold it anymore! Tomorrow will be better, guys.

  8. I'm so glad you bought the mattress cover. What poor boys - I'm sure that they did the very best that they could to hold it in butt that's a long time! I'm happy to hear that the family is back on speaking terms :)

  9. You were valiant pee holders as long as you could. I'm glad your Momt and DAd were not mad. (and why does that sound like a Dr. Seuss book).\

  10. You guys did your best!! We think you did the right thing making your parents work for your forgiveness!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  11. OH.MY.DOG. HOLY CRAP!!!!!! MY STUD MUFFIN!!!!! I am soooooo sorry your meanie peeps did that to you and your Brudder!!!!! Makin' you do your business on that VERY expensive bed! How dare they??!!!! the nerves. Do you wants me to call Sarge for you???? I thinks Ernie the Attorney should be filing a LAWSUIT against your peeps for TORTURE!!!! I thinks you need to retain him when they gets back!!!! Wells, I'm glads you boys are okays, and at least had some foodables and water..RIGHT??
    Oh, this is just too much!
    Okays, I'll forgives them if you did. They are gonna be my PIL after all....
    I am glads to hear your MOms gave you 87 treaties and lots of Wilson time!!!!! That's a good start!
    Okays, I'll bark at you some more tonights...
    Your Fiance, the one with the okay ear, and the VERY furry furs, Ruby ♥♥

  12. OMD, that is just the most terrible kind of doggie TORTURE I can imagine! You doodz are SUCH good boys, I can't believes your pawrents forced you to mess IN the house! I think you need to lay in front of your pawrents' bathroom door and growl any time your daddy tries to go in!

  13. Bet your Dad doesn't forget again!
    Mr BAiley, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Oh dear, poor Doodz, that must have been horrid. I too just hate to make a mess inside (and since I was quite a small puppy have only done so when I had a bad tummy upset). I think that 87 times was an appropriate amount of apologies from Dad.
    Toodle pip!

  15. I know such I don't talk with you anymore moments... with some treats and some toys and the promise to fugeth the door never again I think even the proudest dog will furgive :o)

  16. Poor pups, we know it isn't your fault. Hopefully your peeps don't forget to leave you with free outdoor access again!

  17. Well at least you went on a bed that had a waterproof mattress pad. It sounds like your pawrents have a little more to more make up for such torture.

  18. hello murphy and stanley its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes yoo wer trappd all day long??!?! i wood hav had klaw ... klawstro ... wel ennyway i wood hav krakd long beefor yoo did!!! yoo poor fellows!!! i am glad yoo finaly got to go owt and hav sum gud ball throwing tho!!! ok bye

  19. We think you did VERY WELL to hold out so long! Bet your dad won't do that again. We're happy that things worked out in the end.

  20. Oh, wow. Well, that's why they're called "accidents", right guys? We feel really bad for you; we know you didn't want to do that. And your parents didn't mean to forget, either. Thank goodness for that mattress pad!

  21. Awww they ARE good boys! I know they waited as long as they could! Poor babies! You had to feel just awful! DakotasDen

  22. $150 ever spent we'd reckon. Once I got delayed at work and Sam was in the house for 15 hours (true story). Fortunately he held everything the whole time till I got home. Best. dog. ever. that day. 😍


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