Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Murphy's Secret Playbook

OMD! Shhhhhh! This is Stanley . . . guess what I found???

It has all his special secret moves!  This is how he pawsitions himself.

And then he locks it in!  He's locked and loaded!

This is his secret head back and reverse move!

See how he locks his eyes on Wilson like a laser?

This is how he scopes out obstacles and does a high speed catch!

OMD! He nabbed that one on the down fall!

He calls this his secret alligator grip catch!

OMD!  What is this?  Is he doing a victory dance?

Oh shoot . . . I hear him coming . . .  gotta hide the book so I don't get caught!

Stanley & Murphy


  1. Hari Om
    OMD Murphy sure can bust some moves!!! Thanks for sharing them with us Stanley - just watch out he doesn't discover YOUR secret diary!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We are absolutely positive that he learned those moves from Fiona and Abby!!! Awesome moves! Now, quick, go hide the playbook!! :)

  3. WOW!!!!!! Stanley is amazing, he IS laser guided!!!!
    I hope he's gonna publish that book 'cos sum of us pups could do wiv his incredible insight into the ball chasing and catching techniques, he's sooooo GOOD!!!!! It would be a best seller fur sure
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. Oh oh - you better not give away all your secrets :)

  5. I would love to catch a little birdie, but they fly away!! I bet if you were to teach me how to catch, I could catch any bird!!!

  6. that alligator grip catch looks great... can you send me the instruction sheet please? I bet that works with treats and pigeons too right?

  7. Murphy's got moves! I'm impressed.

  8. WoW he looks great! thanks for sharing his top secrets.

    Aroo to you,

  9. I wonder if NIKE will be calling him soon to do a commercial. Maybe in June (which is coming up fast) he can teach us some moves. stella rose

  10. Wow, those ARE some crazy moves he's got!

  11. Stanley OMDs reading Murphy's secret play book is like reading a Ruby's Diary. I hope and purr you don't get you tush pushed out of the house. MOL MOL
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. OMD! OMD! OMD! You better hope Murphy doesn't see this! He'll be calling Ernie the attorney!!! *ear licks* Noodle P.S. Cool moves!

  13. Wow! Those are some good action shots of some great catches! He should be in the doggie Olympics!

  14. Those are incredible catches! Nothin' gets past you! We love your plays, and they're safe with us, we're not that athletic!

  15. Great moves, I wonder if the Broncos would hire him?! I am also wondering if our new grandpup(who got delayed til next Tuesday)will be as agile as Murphy. It will be so fun to have a puppy around!
    Noreen and Hunter

  16. Don't they say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a real expert? Looks like Murphy is well on the way.
    Toodle pip!

  17. Stanley, it's not nice to read Murphy's diary. It's ... oh, the heck with it! What else did you find in there?

  18. OMD!!!! OMD!!!! *thud* oh, sorry, lost my balance and fell to the floors after seein' all your most sexy leaps and jumps and ear flappin'!!!!! I am still feelin' a little warm, butts not too bad to say STANNNNNNLEY!!!!!! Whatcha doin' stealin' my STUD MUFFINS BOOK??!!!! THAT IS PRIVATE!!!! You didn't see the back of the book did you???? they stuffs where I sent Murphy my most private photos??? Hey dude, those can NEVER see the light of day!!!!! I don't wants to BREAK THE INTERNETS like that Kim K. chick did!!!
    Okays, enough of that....Murphy, it's STILL rainin' here, so I'm gonna have to bark at you from the door again..don't worry, I can bark REALLY louds so you can hears it! The neighbors don't mind AT ALL!!! hehehehehe
    Your Fiance, the one with the frizzy butts FABulous furs, Ruby ♥♥

  19. Murphy sure does have amazing moves!!! I hope that the playbook helps you to learn some of them!!!

  20. OMD! You had better hope that he doesn't find out that you know all of his smooth moves!

  21. You're one pawsome athlete, Murphy. That Wilson dude is totally outflanked :)

  22. Murphy you sure are a flexible Dood!

  23. Wow,, thats like finding someones Diary!!


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