Saturday, February 27, 2016

Running Without Scissors

On Friday it was a nice enough day that mom finally quit whining about being too cold.  But me and Stanley got kinda warm on or 6 mile run so we had to stop and walk through puddles.

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari OM
    Yippee, out and about again... and on the hands-off leashies!!! ...S U N S H I N E ...
    sigh... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. The peeps have really shed their furs. Guess you'll have to work up to the 6 miles again!

  3. I'm glad you found some puddles to cool off in! It's in the upper 70s here today - it's CRAZY!!!!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  4. Happy running! We think it will be months before sane dogs would run here!

  5. Enjoy the sunny run - we got a couple walks now that the snow has melted and the sidewalks are not slick.

  6. Wahoo, we are soooooo very happy Spring is starting to spring at your house!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. Running in shorts!! I am so jealous!!

  8. We see sun and looks cold...brrrr.
    Run to the bakery, they have warm treats!
    ♥ Wyatt

  9. OMD!!!!!! OMD!!!!! MY MOST HANDSOME STUD MUFFIN!!!!!! Did your Moms run your gentle paws raw??!!! OMD, I hopes not!!! I have some paw balm that can sooth them right up!!! I will rub them on your paws til they feel all betters!! I see that your peeps are wearin' shorts just like Ma! She's been wearin' shorts all month...she says it's nice, butts it's not suppose to be this warm in FEB! Anyhu, looks like next month we might gets some more rain....anyhu, looks like I missed your last couple of posties!!! I blame Ma...she's been tryin' to clean stuffs up, and then she hurt her thumb agains..then the OTHER thumb!!!! That's right..BOTH her thumbs hurt now! I keep tellin' her that cleanin' is no good, butts she doesn't listen! BOL!!
    Okays, it's gonna be a clear night tonights, so I can gets a clear BarkConnection! You should hear me LOUD and clear! ( I knows all my neighbors do!!! hehehehehehehe)
    Your Fiance, with the not so FABulous furs anymore, Ruby ♥♥

  10. Your mountains are so beautiful!!! You know what? Your ALL an inspiration,,! My mommy said its amazing that you all can go 6 miles!!!

  11. You have such a beautiful area to run. We walked two miles today and tat was a record for us! BOL!BOL!

  12. I saw your photos yesterday at fb... my mom is still green with envy that you can wear shorts.... even when we would run, the cold wind nearly makes iceicles from our noses...

  13. We're glad you took your mom and dad on a run but left the scissors home.

  14. We like seeing the snow on nearby mountains, not on our sidewalks. Happy running on warmer days with more sunshine. ღ


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