Thursday, February 20, 2014


Mom decided she needed some new blinds in the living room so she told all us boys to go with her to Lowe's to order them.  Me and Stanley got excited.  We like going to Lowe's cuz everybody there loves to pet us!  Unfortunately, this time it took a LONG time and was REALLY boring.  (Mom said we had to practice our "STAY" with distractions.)

After about 87 hours we got to get up and mom and dad said we did real good.


Sad News:  It is with heavy hearts that we tell you that our band-mate Roxy, lost her sister Daisy today.  Daisy was a wonderful sister and was well loved by Roxy, Bella, her mom and all her other peeps. One of the beautiful things about Blogville is that when a heart is shattered by the loss of a family member, it is easy for everyone to reach across the world and offer love and support.  Please stop by and let Daisy's family know they are loved and we share in their grief.  Their blog is HERE.

Murphy & Stanley


  1. We are so sad to know about Daisy. My momma has had watery eyes most of this evening.

    Stanley, you look so sad in those pictures....almost like your mom told you no more treats ever!

  2. We are so impressed with you guys, we wouldn't even stay for 87ths of a second!

    Thanks for your lovely words about Daisy. We've had a difficult day, but we took HER on a long, long walk to make HER feel better. Daisy's in the garden with Carys, and Kendra's ashes.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  3. Hari OM
    I missed getting to 'meet' Daisy, but nonetheless offer condolences. Never an easy time. Meanwhile, you doods were so impressive doing your stay and wait so well!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. We just read the news and are so sad about Daisy. Her peeps and family are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. We were so sad to read about Daisy. It is hard and heartbreaking to lose a friend here at Blogville, you are so right about reaching across the world...we just hold each other in our hearts don't we.

    Now you guys are really really good at is talking about when this weather gets better taking gussie back to school, she said it was the best thing she ever did! She can tell a difference wif him as far as listening to her better, and staying close to her on walks etc.
    Have a great weekend.
    Stella rose

  6. I heard about Daisy last night on Frankie and Ernie's blog and my heart and my momma's both break for her family. I'm sure all her other friend's who have already gone to the Rainbow bridge were there to meet her with loud purrs and wagging tails.

    As for your down stays...those are amazing! Maybe I should stop taking lessons from momma and start taking some from you two instead!

  7. LOWE's WE Love going to LOWE's... butt we agree... not when THEY spend 87 hours lookin at the SAME stuffs... Well, you did get a nice NAP out of it.
    Our Hearts are Broken over Daisy's call to the bridge. BUTT we know that she is now running FREE and FAST.

  8. you are lucky that Lowes lets you visit - ours would have a fit if we went there

  9. You doods are so well behaved. Mom was proud of me at class Monday cause I struggle some with stays, but I did a one minute sit stay, and a 2 minute down stay. Some of the other dogs kept getting up but I was solid!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  10. You are lucky you got to go to the store, we never go anywhere. Our hearts are sad with the loss of Daisy.

  11. It's usually fun going places like that.... good idea to take a snooze!

  12. I left some love for Daisys family too

  13. We heard about Daisy too.

    As for the stay thing... you're just so awesome that you waited for them even though you could've jumped up and explored Lowe's

  14. Great job at Lowe's boys! I bet they love having you there, as goodwill ambassadors.
    Thanks for linking to Daisy's site-I saw that she crossed over yesterday but didn't know where to go to offer my sympathy.
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Noreen & Hunter


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