Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning Our Manners

Mom has been working with me and Stanley to teach us good manners for the upcoming Blogville Valentine's Day  Ball.  She said she doesn't want us to act like we've "never been to town before" so she gave us a set of rules to follow.  She said if we follow these rules we will not get into trouble (or embarrass her).  When she said that, me and Stanley laughed cuz we know 87 different ways to get into trouble!  Anyway, here are our "Rules of Etiquette":

  1.  Don't sniff our dates' butts.
  2.  No eating off our dates' plates.
  3.  No farting in front of anyone else!
  4.  No humping at all.  (This specifically applies to Stanley, I am not like that.)
  5.  No "cleansing of personal parts".
  6.  Bark "please" and "thank you".
  7.  Offer our dates the best seats.
  8.  Be gentle Doods.
  9.  No growling (again, this applies to Stanley since I am very gentle spirited).
10.  Respect the older dogs and learn from them.
11.  Pee and poop outside - no exceptions!

So we've been practicing.

Murphy & Stanley

For Ernie's Eyes Only:  We thought there'd be 87 different rules - BOL!


GOOSE said...

What if the "older" dogs break one of the rules your mom mentioned? Then what do you do?

Kten said...

Our Lady hasn't give us rules yet. I think she is just preparing for being embarrassed. Good luck learning them.

Murphy said...

Mom says we have to learn to think for ourselves and handling those sort of things is all a part of growing up. Why do you ask Goose?? Are you up to something?

Molly The Wally said...

We know you will have impeccable manners. Gentle doods you are. Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD.... FRANKIE says he and I are gonna go over ROOLS today... Knowing HIM there will be 87 of them fur sure.
I think since you BOTH have to follow your mom's LONG LIST of Rools... that means it is DOUBLED and that HAS to add up to 87 fur SURE.
# 3 and 4 seem kinda unreasonable to ME. Hope I don't have to follow THOSE... BUTT when I came to #11 I got to thinking... Hummmmmm we have never been to this place before so... fur SAFETY SAKE... WE should "GO" together... like 87 times. What do you think?

harrispen said...

Hi Boys,

It sounds like your mom is teaching you well. We girls will be practicing the rules too. You can never be too polite.

I don't know what you and Ernie are up to, but it doesn't sound good. Be careful with that mischievous Ernie.


Anonymous said...

Whats up there, this is a Valentines Dance and Party, just go as yourself and PARTY AL NIGHT LONG DOODS. Me and Bites are going to be wild and Krazy. We got our winter furs on and its time to shake it out out!!!

Your Pals
Sus & Bites

Murphy said...

Oh Ernie, I hope the rules haven't doubled. That might be hard to manage, eh? I mean 87 rules is enough I think. Do you think there should . . . needs . . . to be more than 87 rules??

Murphy said...

Oh, Ernie is a good soul, just a little playful. Frankie just makes him look bad.

Murphy said...

Good advice - mom did say to have fun!

Madi and Mom said...

OMDs Murphy
Those are good rules to live by especially in mixed company.....however, when it is just the boys you can scratch, make obscene noises, and lick anywhere you want!!!

Too funny. Thanks for the MOL
Hugs madi your BFFF

Stanley said...

Ya, I think you're right --we need to stick together. There might be 87 ways to get to this place.

Stanley said...

Ernie would never get us in trouble. He just wants to make sure we have a good time.

scotsmad said...

We're SURE you guys will be perfect Gentlemen.....87% of the time...BOL!

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Berts Blog said...

Such excellent advice for all the attendees.

Happy Sunday
are you lovin our new layers of snow? IT is beautiful, isn't it.


Mr. Pip said...

No eating off our date's plate! I protest - I can't be held responsible if my date doesn't finish all her food. LOL!

Your pal, Pip

Stanley said...

We have already been out wrestling and running in it. It's great to have new snow to play in.

Murphy said...

I think you are right!

Two French Bulldogs said...

we are not really fond of rules butthese are some good ones
Benny & Lily

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Golden LAUGHS! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears said...

Not even a year old and already going to a Valentine's Ball? You guys are really moving up in the world!

Duncan Breazeale said...

You doods are going to be the best dates at the ball!!! And, mom says OMG you look so handsome in your tuxedos!!!! We are loving loving loving it :)

Dougall-the-Scottie said...

Oh that sounds like some good tips, thanks guys!

Mollie said...

BOL, I fink'z youz are gonna be the best behaved PUP'Z there..:) Bawaahhaaaw xx00xx

Mollie and Alfie

Declan said...

Well where's the fun in that?! Deccy x

GizmoGeodog said...

Molly the Wally sent us here from Misaki's blog to see what the rules were for our big date for the Valentine's Day Ball...your rules are pretty easy to follow I think except for we all gonna meet & greet with no butt sniffing? It's the best ice breaker I know...