Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Plugging Along

We finally got mom to help us with a post.  She is soooo lazy! Anyway, this morning we had to hit the ground running.  We rolled out of bed (we slept in later with mom) and ran into the kitchen.  And this is what we found!

We got snow a couple days ago.  It also got really cold.  Of course, we loved it but mom is singing the blues.

Sometimes I wonder about dad but he says Stanley was taking advantage of him picking up something.

Yesterday Stanley got a hurted eye.  No one knows what happened. We think it makes him look tough!

Me and Wilson still have our training sessions.  It's nice to cool down in the snow between intervals.

We are getting lots of use from the new sofa/couch.

Stanley likes his hiding place when mom is on the computer.

I love my lamby that my fiance Ruby sent me.

In the meantime, we are plugging along waiting for the weather to warm up.  Mom says we might have to cancel our trip to the Grand Canyon if it doesn't warm up.  Our pawrents will decide next week. Mom and dad have been busy with hooman stuff.  Me and Stanley have to see the dogtur next week to get our annuals. 

Murphy & Stanley


  1. Hari OM
    life just ticking along then... but that scratch under Stanley's eye looks like he ran into a branch or fence... thank goodness it missed the eyeball!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Stanley, that owie looks sore. We hope it heals quickly! You boys love the snow as much as the pups here do :)
    That new dog couch is very cool! Can we ask where your pawrents found it?
    Tell your Mom the snow will be gone before she knows it!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  3. Oh dear, poor Stanley. We hope his eye heals quickly. Bertie is worried there soon may be no room for dogs on the new couch...

  4. Looks like everyone is keepin' busy! It got cold here too...and we got SNOW(well, Mama says ice)! I sure hope Uncle Stanley's eye gets better real quick!
    Your favorite niece,

  5. Hi boys, I knew you'd love the snow. I'm with your mom, although going to the gym helps the winter fluff to stay away. Hunter has been having bad allergies to food and he seems to scratch his eyelid and rubs it too. I've got him off of all grain and also off of potatoes and sweet potatoes. Hoping that helps, don't want to have to have him get an allergy test(he's picky enough with his food). Hope it warms up so you can go to Grand Canyon. Have a great afternoon.
    Noreen and Hunter

  6. It looks like you boys have been keeping entertained. Maybe Stanley ran into one of the branches on a bush?

  7. Don't like the look of that eye. Hope it heals quickly. Ahhhhh, snow to add a little spice to life. Enjoy it.

  8. We hope that hurt eye is doing better. It looks sore, Stanley. Pancakes??? We are on our way to have some too, plus then we can do zoomies in your snow. We only have ICE.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. My mom is rolling on the floor at that 3rd photo. OMCs OMCS...that was funny.then followed by Stanley's hurt eye...I sure hope pic 3 didn't cause pic 4's accident
    You two are handsome as always

    Hugs madi and thank you for the lol/mol
    your bfff

  10. It is cold and snowy here too and we are all bummed. We had our annuals today and got our flu shot too!
    Hazel & Mabel

  11. Stanley we are sorry about your eye and the weather. Your Dad shouln't fart on your head. You can do so much worse on his head

  12. Hope you don't have to cancel your trip....we worry about winter driving a lot too and we hardly ever have winter here! Stanley, you do look tough. What does the other guy look like...BOL

  13. What is with our humans being so busy?? Ours are losing their minds trying to coordinate our move. Hopefully, it will all be done next Wednesday. We are very glad not to have to do all of this in the snow but we are getting tons of rain.

  14. oh we hope your daddy did not ... and we send lots of potp for the eye...

  15. We have missed you guys but can see how busy you have been. Hope Stanley's eye heals soon.

  16. Oh Stanley! Your eye! It must be SO painful! Do you need a kiss to feel better??


  17. Isn't it great how you can line up all your stuffies on the back of your sofa bed? We always enjoy your pictures.

  18. Poor Stanley! But that cool snow is the best!

  19. Wow! There's lots to say! When are you going to take the squeakers out of those squeaky toys? I hope your eye gets better real fast. Did you get stuck by a branch in the bushes maybe? Your doggie bed looks super comfy. I hope you got a taste of that pancake. Oh, and that snow is great. Ours keeps melting!

  20. I sure hope that Stanley's eye heals fast!

    I love your bed with all the toys watching over you!

  21. OH NOES!!!!! STanley, what happened dude??! I hopes it heals fast, cause your Brudder needs you at full strength for some snow zoomies and snow catchin'! get betters my pal!!!
    BOO!!!!!! What up??!!! I am so glads you are snugglin' with lamby!!! I knew that her soft furs would remind you of my most FABulous furs!! hehehee
    It STILL hasn't snowed here, butts maybe tonights. It's gonna be cold enough fursure, butts maybe not enough moisture in the clouds. sigh.
    I'm gonna head out now and wait and bark with you!
    Your Fiance, the one with the FABulous furs, Ruby ♥♥♥

  22. Good luck with the dogtor. No doubt you'll both pass with flying colors. Sorry about the eye scratch. We are waaay behind on blog reading and hope Stanley is all better. Ear scratches, dudes.


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