Thursday, March 26, 2015

FFHT - Our Resume

This month's special inclusion is:  " I knew I would remember this forever because . . ."

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Our mom and dad think it's very impawtent for doggies to have lessons.  They said that doggies with lessons are able to pawticipate more with their families cuz they can do more things and go more places.  Also, mom says that lessons teach the hoomans and doggies how to communicate better so they are good for that reason too.  Me and Stanley just think learning is fun!

Me and Stanley started our lessons when we were youngsters.  We went to Pet Smart University (PSU) and our teacher's name was Tonya.  She was also an animal behaviorist.  Miss Tonya was Bert's teacher too.  Many of you know Bert.  His mom, Miss Vickie, recommended Miss Tonya to us as a good teacher.  We loved her!

Me and Stanley had different ways of learning.  When Stanley was given a command he snapped to attention, saluted dad, and shouted out "Yes Sir, Right Away Sir!"  But I am much more mellow, so when mom gave me a command I would say "Okie Dokie" and then do it sometime in the next few days.  Mom says I never once did the command when I was learning it at school (in class).  

One day, I was feeling sorry for mom so I decided I would do a command PAWFECTLY!  It was the day we learned how to do a SIT-STAY with the distractions of others shopping in the store.  I could tell mom's expectations were really low as she told me to SIT and STAY.  I nearly giggled cuz I knew my plan!  I did it!  Yes I did!

Shoppers pushed their carts past me and I didn't blink, even when they said "Good boy" to me!  I did the command pawfectly.  Mom was so delighted! Finally our teacher shouted "Everyone back to the classroom!" So mom said "RELEASE". BUTT I was still surprising her so I stayed right there in my SIT-STAY.  Mom said "Release" again but I stayed.  She held out a treat but I obeyed the command.  Mom started laughing, saying I was "stuck" and finally had to pick me up.   I knew I would remember this forever because mom was so happy and so proud of me! And that day I promised I would do better in my lessons.

Me and Stanley graduated from our Puppy Manners Class.

And then we took the Intermediate Class and learned a bunch of tricks (Goose's mom always likes me to do a trick where I crawl on the floor like an army man).  And finally, we took the Advanced class!

At the end of the Advanced Class we took the test for our CGC (Canine Good Citizen). This was a picture of me during my test.

And guess what?? We passed!  We are proud of our accomplishments and so are our pawrents!

Murphy & Stanley
CGC Graduates

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  1. I think story is pawsome! And I was glad you did not get stuck to the floor!

  2. Impressive! I think I could probably get certified as a Canine Bad Citizen, BOL BOL!

  3. Puppy class is such good fun. Clearly you both did brilliantly. (Curiously, Gail tells people that the closest she's ever come to a nervous breakdown was immediately after my first evening at puppy school).
    Toodle pip!

  4. We're more your 'do have a treat' type of obeyers....

  5. Oh Congratulations, that's so pawesome that you passed all that classes! woohoo! And I agree with you, to make a mom happy is a moment what deserved a place in our memory furever:o)
    easy rider

  6. Doods you really rocked it and makes for fond memories. Proud you should all be then and now. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Well I nose that our Mayor Doods haf the most pawfect manners!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Ah, yeah, guys but did you really sniff out that stuff in the foodie shop cos some packets are sometimes nibbled and you can taste for free. I'm sure you are both angels when your out and about.

    Might have to go and put on my pink party shoes to join the party. ... I have to find them first.
    Luvs Freya Rose Blossom

  9. Hari OM
    Can you hear my applaws? You did grrrrreat!!! ... now to go read efurrybuddy elses... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  10. THIS is GRRRRREAT.... Guess what .????? I (F.Furter) am a graduate of Pet Smart University and Stuffie Distributorship also... I have MY CGC Degree.... ERNIE did all his classes ON LINE.... though.
    YOU did a super job. No wonder you remember your School Dayz so well.

  11. Hey Doods!
    Wow, we all love your FFHT day! Great job, Murphy...we like surprising our peeps once in awhile. Keeps them on their toes. BOL Love that you were "stuck". Congrats on your graduations and for another pupular FFHT day in Blogville!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  12. Wow Doods! I am so impressed! I finished puppy kindergarten a few weeks ago and I get to start beginning obedience class next week! I am so excited
    Bailey & Hazel too

  13. Bravo standing ovation!! Well done! You might be bros but you have your own personalities and march to the beat of the tune in your heart.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  14. Grreat story! And OMD, we went to the same college! We must've been on different campuses or something, 'cause I never saw you Doodz.

  15. Oh we loved loved loved this story....we laughed and laughed when you were stuck on being stuck....we just loved it and you both are so smart, I bet you now even have your masters degrees!!!

    stella rose

  16. What a wonderful story!!! I am so proud of you both. Mommy would love and "ask to pet' thing for me as I am not always approachable. Thank you for hosting another F.F.H.T.!

    Loveys Sasha

  17. What a great story. You Doods are very good students.

  18. Crikey ..... how good are you blokes?? I too have been to school. I also passed with flying colours. I was great at school ...... BUT ...... I'm not so great at home!! I loved your sit/stay story. You sure showed your Mom, aye?? No wonder you'll never forget that!!

  19. OMD!!!! OMD!!!! OMD!!!!! You knows I got kicked outta puppy school??! hehehehe Yuppers...they said I was too much of a distraction, so I had to go. I was happy, butts Ma was all embarrassed and said that I was 'a lot'. I don't know exactly what that means, butts I thinks it's a compliment...☺
    Anyhu, I am not a PAWSOME CGC like YOU GUYS!!!! Holy Helper Dogs!!! I am the gurlfuriend of a STAR!!!! And a mighty HANDSOME star at that!!! OMD, that pic of you with your graduation hat on...swoooooon!!! ahhhhhh....
    I am so proud of you guys, and I wish I had your skills, butts maybe if I had a pawsome teacher like Tonya, I would be well behaved too! My trainer said that it would take years to get me to that point, and at 100 green papers and hour, Ma just didn't have that much dough. So, here I am. Hyperbutt. And Ma has learned to work around it, and keep trying to get me betters. It's a tough job, butts there are lots of treaties involved, so I humor her! BOL!! You guys are mighty lucky doggies fursure!
    I will be lookin' up at the stars tonight Murphy!!! Thinkin' of you!! ♥
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma's my-grains have been rearing their ugly head this week, so she said she will try and get my FFHT in this weekend...late of course, butts that is my burden to bear..☺

  20. Y'alls are full of the smarts! Maybe I should send Shiver and Chico over and you can train them. It'll take a lot of patience, but I have a feeling you could do it.

  21. Wow! We knew that you Doods were smart, but we had NO IDEA that you had your Masters! BOL! You were probably both homecoming kings and most popular! I know you were the cutest.

  22. Murphy, you and Stanley are such good students! I know mommy is so proud. My girls went to PSU and took the same classes as you, we have our CGC as well, but we don't have beautiful blue vesties like you guys got! Those vests are Fly!!
    Love & Biscuits.
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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