Saturday, June 15, 2013

Playing Tired

We may be tired but we are Goldendoodles so the play must go on!


Pee Ess - To answer a couple questions we have gotten:

1.  Yes, my furs have gotten lighter.  Mom is shocked how much lighter I am.  Many of you have confused me and Stanley in our photos.  Depending on how much light/sun there is in a photo, sometimes I look as light as Stanley and other times I still have some browns.

2.  The situation with the neighbors is ongoing.  We have NOT seen Josh in over a week.  We don't know if he is laying low, moved out, or in prison.  The female has been "taking care" of the dogs and acts lovinging towards them in her speech and handling (just not in providing good care).  The dogs USED to go in at night but since Josh disappeared they have been outside all night (barking mostly).  

We have not seen Blackie in a few days and suspect he is now "gone" (but you never know).  Another neighbor said he was going to complain because Blackie was so frail and in pain. We talked to another neighbor and she said they called the police/animal control 3 times so far.  Because of the excessive barking we think other neighbors might be calling as well.  

So the current situation is that the Mayas are outside 24-7, (on ropes).  They moved things that used to tangle them up and somehow they don't tangle into each other. They are being fed and sometimes have water (if it doesn't get tipped over).  There is a natural spring in their yard and before Josh disappeared he dug a hole near the Mayas' dog house and now they have a little "mud bowl" available to them - we are in shock with how these people think!  

Unfortunately, we think the existing conditions just barely satisfy the requirements of ordinances/statutes.  For the first time (just today) when the Mayas started barking the female told them to be quiet.  That is actually a new thing and verifies someone is in the house.  We wonder if the police may have told her to keep them quiet (just our guess).  So the Mayas "living conditions" are still poor at best but at least, to our knowledge, Josh is not around with his rough handling.  We'll let you know if anything else changes.  We think it might evolve some more since "the heat is on".

Morning Update:  Blackie just showed up.


Molly The Wally said...

Oh we do hope that the situation improves for the Mayas. It must be awful to see and feel so helpless. Poor Blackie. Heart breaking. We hope animal control will get involved.
Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

We feel so sorry for those dogs and we could do more to help.

Hailey's colour is changing too right now, she is getting browner. Now that you are looking more the same, think of all the fun tricks you can play to confuse all the people!

Have a good day resting. Lee and Phod

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We know how you anguish over the Poor Treatment that the Mayas are receiving. It is not the WORST... but SURELY not the Best. We hope that JOSH is in JAIL for how he treated them.

Duncan Breazeale said...

It hurts my heart about those puppers -- caring so little just is not in our DNA! Thanks for the info on picsay -- we still can't get the pro version, but we are going to try on the ipad instead of the iphone and see if that makes a difference. We are LOVING what you're doing with it!

harrispen said...

First we have to say you boys look funny doing the lazy bitey face.

The neighbor dogs might not have the best conditions, but at least you and your other neighbors are looking out for them as best you can.

Millie & Walter

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I went on a 10 mile bike ride this morning and would love a nap too; however I've got groceries to buy for tomorrow's breakfast and also sewing as well as shampooing an area rug that is filthy. Thanks for the update on the neighbors pups; hoping the police pester them enough to really take good care of them.
Have a great day!!!
Wags and Kisses,
Noreen & Hunter

Ruby said...

Oh, you two are just adorables! And Ma said that she would like you to take me on your next run...
Oh dear! Since I'm a new furend to your wonderful bloggie, I have not had the pleasure (displeasure..) of hearin' of these 'people' and their less than honorable treatment of their pets. I'm gonna peruse your old post and gets filled in. I'm glads your keepin an eye the bestest you can.

Cara n Crew said...

you both look too relaxed for playing!
That is just a shame about your neighbor, the Mayas, and Blackie :( In California, there is a law that limits how long a dog can be tied up outside. Do you have anything like that? We hope with all of the complaints, some more positive changes will happen. Still, we wonder why folks like that have dogs...

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Jazzi said...

That is awful. Cant you/neighbor go together and just go ask her if...she doesnt want them, can all the neighbors concerned have them and find them a good and loving home? How can she say NO to that when it is clear she doesnt care??

Diana and Jazzi

Jazzi said...

And oh! that is so cute wrestling without wrestling BOL


Anonymous said...

Come on Guys, Really, you expect us to believe your wrestling, no way, thats just begging for belly rubs, can't fool us.

The Mad Scots

scotsmad said...

We agree with Susie and Bites. You're just making believe you're wrestling. You'll be asleep in a few seconds.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Mollie said...


Mollie and Alfie

stellaroselong said...

You guys no what...people confuse me and baby gussie ALL the doesn't matter that I weight 17 lbs. and he weighs 7 lbs...nope they get us mixed
we do not like your neighbors we wish your neighbor doggies could fine really wonderful homes!
stella rose