Election Laws

Blogville Mayoral Election Laws

  • Blogville supports strict term limits.  The mayor is elected for 1 year and may choose to serve an additional year.  The lifetime maximum is 2 years .  All candy dates should plan to either run with a vice-mayor or be prepared to appoint a city manager (if elected) to assume office in the event the elected mayor is unable to serve.
  • Election day will be the furst Tuesday in November (this year is November 8th).  
  • Polls Open at 12:01am and are open until midnight for the time zone that the election judge resides.
  • Registered Voters  – All Blogville residents are automatically registered to vote providing they have an active blog.  The Election Judge may disqualify votes from an inactive blog (no posts within the last 3 months).  Only 1 vote per blog permitted!   Only 1 blog per person is permitted!

  • Election Judge, Poll Verifier & Back-up Judge and Verifier will be appointed by a consensus of at least 3 prior mayors.  If 3 prior mayors are not available, a responsible and respected citizen may be appointed for this purpose.

  • All official candy dates will have a final approval of the judge & verifier selections!

  • On Election Day, the Election Judge will put up a post instructing Blogville citizens that the polls are open.  The comment section of that post will be TURNED OFF.  Citizens will cast their ballot for their preferred candy date by stating the name of their candy date.  The vote MUST include your blog address in case any verification is required!

  • The following morning, after the polls are closed, the election judge will tally the votes.  Then the Election Judge will copy all votes (the comments) and provide the information to the Poll Verifier to assure no mistakes are made and to assure that all votes were legitimate (no squirrels) and as a final verification of the total count.  Once the Election Judge and Poll Verifier have agreed on the tally and determined a winner of the election, the votes will ALL BE DESTROYED FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!

  • Under no circumstances should the individual results be revealed! 

  • The name of the winning candy date will be announced within 5 days of the election via an identical post appearing on both the Election Judge’s and Poll Verifier’s blogs.  The posts should publish at the exact same time.

  • The newly elected mayor will take office on January 2nd.  The prior administration will no longer be in effect unless reappointed by the new mayor.

These laws were accepted and approved on July 16, 2016 by all candy dates and mayors.